Solid State Computation ⇒ Publication

We provide computational and visualization tools for solid state physics via an easy to use graphical interface, outputting publication quality graphics.

Interactive Graphics

Create publication quality graphics

Each compute task creates both raw data for use in further computational workflows, as well as publication quality graphics.

HPC Resources on Demand

No more fights with sysadmin to install the software you need. Compute resources are provisioned by, with no queuing. Learn more.

Algorithms you need

We provide a curated set of state-of-the-art algorithms, so that you don't have to keep up with a huge literature on computational solid state. Learn more.

Easy collaboration

Collaborative project editing.

Scientific progress is made by teams, and it's time scientific software caught up. provides cryptographically secure collaboration, so that you and your collaborators can have a single point of authority for your work.

High Praise

“Before, new algorithms in computational physics wasted away in journal articles, being too time-consuming for experimentalists to learn and apply to their own work. The team at is tirelessly scouring the literature for new ideas that can be made accessible to workers outside the realm of computational physics.”

Bill Brouwer, CEO


No nonsense, no surprises.

  • $5.32/CPU-hour
  • Free use of graphics
  • Free technical support
  • Unlimited simultaneous computations